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Take Yourself on a Date

We whole-heartedly believe in treating ourselves well and often – and that includes treating ourselves to some quality time alone. No, we don’t mean slouching on the couch and scrolling on Instagram for hours (though we do think that has its place). We mean going the full nine yards and taking yourself on a real date at home, dressing up and all.

Here are our solo date essentials:

Get dressed up in something you love

You know how you instantly feel 1,000 times better as soon as you put on your favourite pair of pants or throw your favourite dress on? We think you should chase that feeling all the time. May we gently suggest the twill jumpsuit from Universal Standard as your date night outfit of choice? This piece has a relaxed fit with subtle elastic detail in the back to make sure you’re equal parts comfy and cute.

Pour a big ol’ glass of wine
(or other beverage of choice)

Can we get you something to drink? A good date night starts with a good happy hour beverage. We’re loving a juicy rosé – like the Zweigelt rosé from Erich Andert (available at Ellement) – or something bubbly – like the Piquette from Benjamin Bridge (available at Kenaston Wine Market). Not in the mood to imbibe? Seedlip has amazing zero proof options to act as a base in a fun mocktail. 

Set the mood

You’d never sit through a date with harsh fluorescent lighting and no soundtrack, so why put yourself through that? Dim the lights, pick a good playlist, light a candle, and set the mood for your solo date night Maybe even go a step further and make it a phone-free zone. Daunting, we know, but it’s nice to give your thumbs a break every once in a while.

Take a really warm, really indulgent bath

Nothing says treat yourself like a luxurious bath – so fill your bath to the brim, and dump in the full pouch of the award-winning Natureofthings Fortifying Magnesium Soak. This powerhouse soak alleviates pain and discomfort, detoxifies and hydrates skin, and enhances your overall sense of calm and wellbeing. 

Want to kick it up a notch? Try the Natureofthings Restorative Floral Bath. This guy is full of florals and gemstone extracts for soothing hydration and relaxation. 

Cuddle up in something cozy

After pulling yourself out of the bath, after a looooooooong soak, we recommend curling up on the couch in the softest blanket you can find. Maybe Skip yourself a dessert? Bonus points if you pair it with one of your favourite guilty pleasure movies – we’re thinking Clueless, Legally Blonde, or really anything with Paul Rudd in it. 




Let’s see your solo date night! Tag us on Instagram and show us how you’re treating yourself to something nice nice.

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