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Snacking and Sipping Outdoors
In our humble opinion, nothing beats lounging in the sun, snacking and sipping with our friends. So, we really love picnics – especially this year, when outdoor get-togethers are really the only option. To help make the most of the picnic season, we’ve gathered up our best tips to make sure your al fresco dining goes off without a hitch.
Invest in something comfy to sit on.

If you’re planning on picnicking all summer long like we are, it’s worth it to invest in a cozy but durable picnic blanket – nothing is worse than sitting on the itchy grass while trying to enjoy your food. The Siempre recycled blanket from Blacksaw is up to the challenge. This guy is a bit heavier than the super soft wool blankets you use inside, which helps it stand up to the elements better. You never know what’s on the grass at Munson Park, but the Siempre blanket can take it on. Bonus: this blanket is also a great fireside companion.

Siempre Recycled Blanket

Don’t make super complicated food.

We all like to show off our Top Chef skills, but a picnic is not the time. We opt for easy-to-transport dishes like cold sandwiches and sliced fruit, and maybe a cheeseboard if we’re feeling really fancy. We’ve also recently been turned on to making charcuterie board skewers, so that has also been a picnic menu repeat for us.

Remember to bring napkins.

We’d like to think that we never make a mess when we eat, but we know that’s not accurate. Do yourself (and your picnic mates) a favour and slide some napkins into your picnic basket. Paper napkins are okay but linen napkins, like the ones made by Madre, are a game changer. Not only are they super Instagrammable and better for the environment, they’re also heavier than paper napkins so are way less likely to blow away and make you run frantically around the park trying to catch them. No free entertainment for the other park-goers with these guys, they’ll just be wondering where you got them instead.

Linen napkin set - Tomato

Pack something to quench your thirst.
Picnic wine is a yes – and so are canned cocktails. Like our picnic food, we like to keep our picnic wine simple. And tasty. A bottle of something bubbly is always a good choice, but we’re also super into a light-bodied, chilled red. Oh, you’d like our recommendation? We’ve got a blog post for that.


Photography by Pauline Boldt.