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Let's Wine About It

We love a good pairing – especially when it involves wine. We’ve teamed up with Ellement Wine here in Winnipeg to bring you a pairing series focused on well-being, indulgence, and of course wines that we’ll be sipping on all summer long.

The wine producers we’ve featured really believe in the ethos of slowing down to appreciate doing things ethically and sustainably – which we really value at Nice Nice. 




Claus Preisinger Red  X  Universal Standard Twill Jumpsuit 

The first wine we’re drinking is an Austrian dry red from Claus Preisinger. We’ve paired it with our favourite clothing item of all time: the twill jumpsuit from Universal Standard. This wine is perfect for any occasion (like the jumpsuit), and a crowd pleaser (like the jumpsuit). Wear this jumpsuit anywhere and anytime you want to feel amazing. It's truly one of the most versatile pieces we own, and it's held up for years on heavy rotation. 

As for the wine, we suggest you drink it chilled, preferably outside in the sun! In your jumpsuit! It's dry, but somehow manages to be super juicy at the same time. This wine is also going to be on heavy rotation this summer. The Nice Nice team and the Ellement gang all think it’s a banger.

Arnaud Lambert Cabernet Franc X Natureofthings Magnesium Bath Soak

We love baths. We also really love wine in the bath. While bubbles are fun, we like a more serious soak on the days that require a bit more TLC... and CBD.

This magnesium bath soak from natureofthings is a godsend for the muscles and the mind. Developed with Cannabidiol (a.k.a CBD, a non-psychoactive component of cannabis that promotes relaxation), this luxurious soak works hard while you unwind.

We wanted to pair this soak with a wine that does it all: the Cabernet Franc from Arnaud Lambert. This wine from the Loire Valley is made in the Saumur-Champigny region. It's a full-bodied Cabernet Franc with a nice, tannic structure that softens with food (pro-tip: get a long cheeseboard to balance across the bathtub). Ripe but balanced with a lower acidity, notes of black cherry and red plum take centre stage with this wine. It's the kind of wine you want to relax with – making it a perfect match to your bath.


Leitz Out Riesling X Blacksaw Siempre Blanket

Focused on sustainability, Blacksaw creates beautiful, high-quality pieces with incredible craftsmanship. The Siempre blanket isn't meant to be tucked away in a linen cupboard for when you need to impress guests – it's meant to be a part of your life. This blanket is rugged enough for all your camping, picnics, road trips, or just chilling on the grass. The fact that it's made from super-soft, recycled Alpaca yarn? Even better.

With a blanket as cozy as this, we wanted to choose a wine that will take you from crisp, picnic vibes to the fireside. Has the idea of drinking Riesling put a bad (and super-sweet, syrupy taste) in your mouth? This wine will change your mind. Leitz Out Riesling is an introduction to dry Rieslings. It's a punchy, grapefruit-meets-lemonade wine that happens to be perfect for summer.

Revel Cider Dressed Up To Party X Infinite Glassworks Triangle Tumbler 

If you say, "triangle tumbler,” we're already intrigued. But Triangle Tumbler by Infinite Glassworks? We want two in every colour. Handcrafted by traditional glassblowing techniques, these are made durable enough for everyday use, but luxurious enough that you'll care for them like they're your own children. However, they're less noisy and they function well when you put cider in them.

What kind of cider? Well, It would be a shame to not take advantage of the aesthetically energetic, Instagrammable opportunity that is this pairing. Revel Cider released 'Dressed Up To Party' – a cool and summery blend of 80% cider macerated on fresh, Monmorency cherries and 20% Riesling on the skins. It's juicy, bright, tart, and fizzy. We recommend drinking it in bright sunlight, with a few select friends that you'd be willing to share with. In that case, get a second bottle.

Garg N’ Go Frizzante X Madre Linen Napkins

We miss dinner parties. We miss celebrations. But a lack of celebratory dinner parties with friends doesn't mean we shouldn't treat every meal like it's special. Sometimes all we need is a little nudge to remind us that there are good things around. These beautiful linen napkins by Madre remind you to slow down and enjoy your food. Sustainably sourced, woven in a mill run by green energy, and beautiful rich colours, these deserve a seat at (or on) your table.

We wanted to pair a wine that is fun and celebratory with these napkins, whether it's just for yourself or with friends in the backyard. Garg N' Go Frizzante from Veneto is the all-occasion type of bubbles we want to drink. Fizzy, fun, and dry, this Garganega has big almond and brioche notes with orchard fruit to spare. The label states, "Bubbles amplify the perception of life.” We feel that it's exactly what we all need these days.